Moulding and Medallions


Rarely do you run into circumstances where a wood trim will not work due to a bend in the wall or bowed stairs? Rounded stairs are likely to be very complicated due to the extent of bending required of the trim in order to follow both the curve of the wall and the angle together.

Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc. offers a solution for this problem by reserving a stretchy trim that will take any curve while still maintaining the profile’s original shape without alteration. Our mouldings are made from MDF wood that look exactly like real wood but this does not shrink much.

A ceiling medallion enlarges the visual height of a room and our medallions come in a huge collection of sizes and styles, from traditional to modern. It emphasizes your fixture while offering a stylish look to your room. Ceiling medallions at Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc. are available in various attractive fashions and in many forms and dimensions. Please Contact us for complete instructions on how to install our ceiling medallions.