Laminate Installation

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Laminate Flooring also called floating wood tile is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product combined together with a coating procedure. Laminate Flooring at Brampton replicates wood with a graphic appliqué layer under a clear defensive layer. The inner core layer is generally composed of melamine resin and fiber board materials.


Laminate flooring is sold as planks, tiles or squares each with a connecting tongue-and-groove group. Many flooring designs employ a glueless method that makes installation free of obstacles for faster and simpler construction.


Laminate flooring offers a variety of benefits that make it a great choice for your next beautifying plan. Not only is it presented in just about any style you can imagine, it offers reasonable solutions and the occasion to create more detailed effects even if you’re decorating on a budget. The highly flexible and impact-resistant materials will provide smooth, like-new floors for years to come.


Follow these simple instructions to get the most out of your laminate flooring:

. Noise-diminishing materials can be installed under the floor for added ease.
. Homes with kids or pets will gain from the extra guard of a comprehensive warranty.
. Use doormats at outer doorways to decrease deterioration on the surface of the floor.
. Always use floor guards or casters on furniture legs to prevent scratching.


Laminate Flooring Installation from Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc. gives a new and superior look to the rooms at your home. Our floor installing staff is well experienced, extremely trained and well-informed about their job and they are committed to providing the greatest level of customer satisfaction to their clients.


We, at Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc., consider the following steps while installing the laminate floors at your home so that it can provide you with the most desired look to the floors.


1. Inspect each piece of flooring prior to installation: We do not start installing the floors immediately after reaching your home. We first, inspect each and every floor piece and remove any damaged pieces before starting our work. This is done so that the damaged pieces can be replaced well in time.


2. Remove any existing wall base: This is done to ensure that the subfloor is clean, dry and level before proceeding. After this, the foam underlayment is rolled that will provide soundproofing and make the floor more comfortable for walking.


3. Lay out the first row of flooring and install ¼-inch spacers the flooring strip and the wall: This is done to establish the expansion area to allow for floor movement. This gap will be covered later with wall base moulding. If the starting wall is bent, we carve the curve of the wall on the flooring and cut along this line to produce a board that matches the wall curve.


4. Lay the flooring pieces from left to right: We slide each piece to the left and lock the short end into place and we carefully tap the short ends of the boards to connect them.


5. When reaching the end of the floor at the wall, we cut the last piece long enough to fit: Maintain a 1/4-inch expansion area at each side wall. As the floor is installed, maintain the 1/4-inch expansion area around the entire perimeter of the floor. We cut the flooring with power saw with the finish side up. This technique minimizes the possibility of damaging the finish during the cut.


6. Put the last piece in place with meddles bar, with 1/4-inch spacers at each end of the row: We use to leave a 12-inch minimum partly cover between end joints. If the piece left is over 12 inches long, it may be used to begin the next row of flooring. If it’s less than 12 inches long, cut a full board in half and use it to start the next row. Always keep a minimum of 12 inches of overlap between the end joints in adjoining rows of boards. Use the pry bar to tighten up the joints.


7. Continue laying of boards locking them into place: We go on laying the boards of the laminate floors, locking them and using spacers to maintain the 1/4-inch expansion space along the walls.


After completing the laminate flooring installation, our installation staff gives finishing touches to the floor through the following steps.


1. Use alteration mouldings as necessary: End mouldings, T-mouldings and reducer strips are available with Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc. to make attractive and useful conversions where the new flooring meets existing flooring.


2. Install base mouldings along the wall perimeter: This is done to hide the expansion area and provide an attractive and refined appearance.


3. We don’t tie flooring to the subfloor: Rather, we secure trim & neat moulding to the wall or directly to the subfloor. Also, we never nail through the flooring.