Hand Distress

Hand distress hardwood

Our hand distressed hardwood is really a skill structure. Every piece of hardwood is distressed by hand to accomplish a real and exclusive look. We have three types of distressed hardwood floors. Have fun discovering our rustic yet developed side!

Hand Distressed Hardwood usually fit in homes with more rustic settings and these floors are also used in more elegant settings. One of the benefits of Hand Distressed Hardwood Floors is that they do not need much safety as there are no gaps or cracks in these types of floors and the wood used for this flooring is very strong and survives for decades.

Major advantages of hand distressed hardwood are:

. Modern and Old: Hand Distressed Hardwood brought together the best components of real traditional flooring and modern technology. While an original broken floor looks great, the stability is in question. On the other hand, on a new hand-scraped floor, you get all the quality control and finish advantages of modern flooring manufacturing with the look of a real typical floor.

. Unique Sample: The visual benefit of hand-scraped hardwood floors comes from the fact that every piece is matchless. In machine-distressed hardwood floors, the procedure is mechanical and the distressing example fairly usual. With hand-scraped boards, a craftsman scrapes every board that goes on your floor. Each board will be matchless and the result is a floor that is one of a kind.

. Longevity: Hand-scraped hardwood stays looking great much longer as compared to a smooth-finished hardwood product. If you get a small cut or dent in a hand-scraped floor, it just merges into the rest of the quality of the board completely naturally. On the other hand, a dent in a new and smooth-finished piece of hardwood stands out like a tender thumb as a clear flaw in the floor.

Colour and Character: The range of strength on a scraped hardwood floor provide each board with shades of quality and colour than other hardwood floors have a hard time matching. All through the day, as natural light changes its angle of entering the home, the corners and valleys of each board will be lit in a different way. This brings to light unusual shades and colours that provide the boards with a continuously rich look.