Exotic Hardwood

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In fact, there is neither any certified meaning of exotic wood nor is there a list that defines which woods are believed as exotic. The most extensively used and established definition is the wood that is not original to North America and is from remote, often hot places.

Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc. is a foremost dealer of exotic hardwood products. We develop relationships with major suppliers of exotic woods the world over. We offer exotic hardwood flooring in Brampton, Exotic Hardwood Lumber and Exotic Hardwood Flooring at very competitive prices.

Exotic Hardwood is more valuable as they do not catch much dirt as compared to other materials. Also, due to low wetness, it will decompose slowly and hence this kind of wood is used best in houses where moisture and temperature are controlled.

As we are alert of our customer’s importance, we struggle to make Exotic Hardwood more stylish as we are always dedicated to thinking about you first.

Major benefits of Exotic Hardwood are:

Stability: Exotic Hardwood floors are very tough, some lasting up to 100 years! The colour also lasts for a long time, remaining as gorgeous as it was the day you installed the floors.

Little Maintenance: Exotic hardwood can look great for years without much protection. Only a little vacuuming and rub-down with a specialized suggested cleaning solution is sufficient for it. No special care is required.

Comfort: Exotic wood is warmer on the feet since it’s a natural insulator as compared to some of the floors like laminate that tend to be cold on the feet. Exotic wood flooring is ideal for those who hate walking around barefoot on cold floors on chilly winter mornings.

Importance: Due to its toughness and visual appeal, exotic hardwood can add value to your home. So, if you are thinking about selling your house sometime in the future, installing exotic hardwood floors can be valuable.