Engineered Hardwood

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Engineer Hardwood also is known as man-made wood which includes a collection of uninspired wooden products that are produced by binding the layers of wood together with glues to form composite materials.

Usually, Engineered Hardwood consists of 2 or more layers. The top layer is the wooden surface of 2-4mm thickness and the lower layers consist of several layers of plywood or solid wood. Multiple layers are tied jointly under pressure. The shape may be either tongue-and-groove or use click-locking expertise.

engineered hardwood Brampton has nominal movement and keeps excellent dimensional solidity through seasonal dampness variations. In order to avoid cyclic cracking from becoming evident and to decrease the amount of movement, the relative interior humidity level should be kept at 40-65% all through the year.

Because of the multiple layers of plywood and/or real wood used for middle and bottom layers, hardwood engineered flooring, Brampton has improved interior balance and reduced opportunity of twisting or deforming. As cyclic movement is nominal, dimensional steadiness through seasonal moisture and temperature variations is outstanding.

Engineered Hardwood of Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc. is cheaper as compared to solid hardwood. Plank size, cost of lumber and cost of glues for sticking layer of hardwood are often the cost determining factors.

As Engineered Hardwood is tied jointly with the help of high-quality non-toxic glues, these are equal in their eco-friendly characteristics as compared to solid hardwood.

Major advantages of Engineered Hardwood are:
. These are structurally stabilized.
. These are extremely attractive.
. These are long-lasting.
. These are easy and quick to install.
. Because of the wide and tough top-layer, our engineered hardwood can be refinished 2 – 3 times.
. All of our engineered hardwoods are ecologically friendly.
. These have extended the wear-resistance warranty on the finish.