Whatever the species of the hardwood floors is, it needs finishing that can provide the defensive top coat that seals your hardwood against damage from rust, moisture and stains. It also emphasizes the wood's natural features and beauty. Whenever, choosing for your hardwood floors at Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc., we offer you one more alternative to think so that you can select the ideal material for your home: Unfinished Hardwood Flooring.

Unfinished Hardwood is shipped from our factory premises in its usual condition. Sanding, staining and finishing all are done on the site after installing the boards. In the case of unfinished hardwood, end and edge handlings are usually limited to "square".

Major benefits of Unfinished Hardwood are:
. It is easy to match existing hardwood to other internal components.
. Custom color staining
. It is easy to perform modified components during installation
. If you are looking for a particular and exotic wood species, then unfinished hardwood is appropriate as some of the species of hardwood are available only as unfinished hardwood.






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