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We have the widest range of flooring materials in Brampton.

American cherry

American Cherry is one of the prominent options for people looking to buy flooring materials in Brampton. The color of this type of wood darkens with age. The color changes from pink to coffee-brown as time continues to leave its mark. People love American cherry for its sheer value and appearance factor.



Ash wood is considered to be unique in nature. It is commonly used to make different type of furniture products. The wood is known for its strength and durability. It is commonly popular among baseball players as they prefer to use bats made-up of ash wood. It weighs significantly less in comparison. You can choose from our wide range of ash wood flooring materials in Brampton.


Blackwalnut wood has high shock resistance value which makes it a unanimous choice for gun stocks. People use it extensively to make musical instruments, furniture and flooring materials in Brampton. The beautiful colors only add to it its list of characteristics.

Brazilian Cherry Wood

You would have come across Brazilian cherry wood once or twice in the last week. Most of the floor surfaces are made from it, to put it across in the right manner. Brazilian cherry wood flooring materials in Brampton have become relatively popular for its solid and resistance nature against changing weather conditions.

Hard Maple

Hard Maple is easily available everywhere. It may become an expensive affair to get the pure white sap wood. The less-expensive options are also available in the market. This type of wood is dense in nature. Hard Maple is again a common choice for flooring materials in Brampton.


There are more and more household furniture products made of Hickory wood available in the market nowadays. The situation is changing fast. The dry nature makes it convenient to use any oil finishing products on it.

Red Oak

Red oak is the most commonly used wood. People have found it to be an excellent option at affordable prices. It is widely used for flooring materials in Brampton and other parts of the country. You would find it to be grainy and open-pored type of wood in appearance.

White oak

White oak is relatively harder to Red oak. You need to pay close attention as there are seven different types of White oak varieties available. The wood is less porous (less absorbent) which makes it opposed to insects and mold, to say the least.

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