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Prefinished Hardwood
Prefinished Hardwood


A fundamental definition of prefinished Hardwood is that the boards to be installed already have finish on them. Gracious Hardwood Flooring Inc. usually put 5-9 protective coats of finish on the prefinished wood under proscribed conditions and in an ideal atmosphere for suitable drying and curing.

Prefinished Hardwood floors are relatively popular due to several advantages they have as compared to their substitute. Various benefits of Prefinished Hardwood are as:

1. During fixing, one can leave out all the sandy and filthy disorder that normally follows with sanding.
2. As the boards are already finished, once they are fixed you can walk on them. You do not have to wait for the unpleasant stink of paint to dry.
3. As the boards are finished in our factory and have 5-9 coats, the finish is very durable, soft and strong.
4. Because sanding and finishing is missed, a prefinished floor can be installed in half time which saves your money on labor.

With prefinished hardwood, you can get an extra choice of selecting boards with square edge and ends or those with minor beveling, which makes each and every plank more visible.

At Gracious Hardwood all floor come prefinished for a comfortable installation and is guaranteed for up to 35 years for residential use. For a high stability hardwood products, Contact us.




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